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A Guide to Earn Money and LP in The Sims Freeplay

The Sims Freeplay Tips

The Sims Freeplay from EA is a pretty good simulation mobile title due to the graphics, realistic gameplay, design, and various other factors. A regular update of features and the ability to simulate your sim is the best part of this game, which can easily make you fell in love with this game. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to play it, then we are here to help you.

After getting started with the basics and learning about the interface, you will crawl for more Money and LP because things are hard to upgrade without it. You are also stuck in between because you can’t buy many important things. Even level 3 of this game unlock community center, which will give you so many items to buy, but having a lower number of LP and money will keep you stuck at the same level.

So, if you want to upgrade and get rid of all the issues related to virtual currencies, being selective is necessary. The below mentioned are some easy ways to make a big amount, and you can easily rely on these to play this game like never before. Let’s have a look –

Leveling Up

Leveling up is really important in this game, and it requires you to consider doing the task. When you level up, you gain a good number of LPs. Well, you have to obtain XP, and it is totally dependent on relationship milestones, which will help to progress at a faster rate and becoming a better game throughout this game. Such methods can let you obtain 100 or more XPs, which will increase the chances of winning this game and becoming a better gamer. You can complete hobbies in the collection to obtain more XP.

Achieving Goals

There are weekly and daily goals section, which gives you reward on completing them. All those goals require efforts on simple tasks, that’s why you can try them out. The possible rewards from the goals are –

  • XPs – It will help you level up, and that is already giving you LPs.
  • Money – Sometimes you can directly obtain a good amount of money.
  • LP – This is rare, but you can still obtain and expect to get LP.
  • Cheats – Simply try using our The Sims Freeplay cheats and get all currency at once!

These three rewards are quite common, but the list doesn’t end up here. You can still obtain various other things that will help you with the progression. Such methods are going to come in handy and let you progress at a faster rate.

Garden and Baking

You might not know that gardening and baking is a common task to offer you a good amount of money and it can also help with the earning of LP. If your sims are free, then set them on gardening work. In case you still have many sims free, then set them for baking work. The whole thing will let you earn a good amount of money and LP with ease. Due to these reasons, you can spend some time on this tip to gain better progression and becoming a better gamer.

Competition Center

As you know, that competition center unlocks after level 3 and it let you choose hobbies. So, you can earn out of your hobbies. You can enter sim which has the highest level, and the whole progress will let you gain a good amount of LP and Money. That’s why you can consider this method and progress at a faster rate. Keep it in mind that you learn to spend your currency wisely to avoid any issue. Hope these tips will let you progress at a faster rate and becoming a competitive gamer.



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