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SimCity BuildIt – Learn Newest Tricks And Try Cheats

Simcity Buildit cheats

Gamers who love simulation games and have an avid gaming habit can easily find that SimCity BuildIt is a popular mobile title. EA is one of the reputed developers of simulation games, and this one is not an exception. The realistic gameplay and an advanced number of features to convert an empty land into a large city are definitely impressive.

A huge number of gamers are playing SimCity BuildIt and trying to create some of the best cities. This multiplayer game is based on the online experience, so you can easily interact with other gamers, visit their city, and a lot more. The number of people who are visiting your city will definitely become the residents if you keep the tax amount low and consider various other factors.

Let’s learn about some of the basic things which can make you an advanced gamer. Even, you can go with SimCity BuildIt Cheats to reach on a max level with ease. Let’s have a look –


When you start building your city, you have to create factories. Once you have factories, you can start fulfilling the need and get several advantages with the employment of sims. You spend Simoleons to increase the level of the factory. Keep on progressing and getting large factories will help with the employment of extra troops. The key tips to enhance your factory experience is –

  • Always start creating your factories at a distance from the living area. Having factories in the town will increase pollution, which is bad for your tax charges. You will get a lower amount of tax in such cases, that’s why you have to think carefully.
  • Create factories for vital stuff. You can create more than ten factories at the start but try creating small factories and giving employments to sims. This will help them pay and let you earn a good amount of Simoleons.
  • Increase the factory level or scale to get a better production rate. Higher the production of electricity, then you need will let you sell the extra one. Keep it in mind this will also enhance employment in your town, and you can decide your own prices for the electricity.

These are some of the basic things that you can easily do with the help of factories. Keep it in mind that you create factories at a distance to avoid getting lower tax.

Role of Mayor

As you are the mayor of the town, so you have to learn the role. There are plenty of things done by a mayor where deciding the tax is the main thing. You can learn it from the adviser offered in the game. As you charge a lower amount of tax, a higher number of sims will start getting into your town, and it will increase the population by too much.

Even you will not earn that amount of tax, which is required. You have to provide employment to the same sims. Due to this, you should decide the ideal amount of tax. Having a slight change in the tax amount matters a lot. In the beginning, stage, keep on following your adviser, and when you have a good town, then increase the tax amount to 10% or more.


If you just started playing the game, then you have to provide transportation to sims. This will enhance your overall growth in the game. Don’t worry about the airport because there is no need for the same thing in the beginning. Start having your transportation stuff like bus stops, railway stations, and more. Keep it in mind that spending money on the airport is not a wise decision until you have everything in the town.

Getting better transportation mode and having the airport will allow more sims to come to your town. They can easily shift to your city and play this game like a pro. That’s why you can consider transportation as a basic need over the selection of other ones. Using SimCity BuildIt Hack can ease up the work and provide some extra benefits.

Casinos and Beach

Let’s talk about the beach first. You are here in SimCity BuildIt to create a happy life for sims. It will keep on getting better as the number of casinos in your town is more than what you think. Beach is one of the important things which increases the happiness meter, and when sims are happy, you can easily charge more tax. This will let you earn a higher amount.

Casino lets you grab a better amount of virtual currencies because they have a maximum amount of tax. You have many levels of casino buildings to unlock, and it is easy to complete if you stay focused on various aspects of the game. Even you can be the best gamer in a couple of days, that’s why it is a better option. Hope, these SimCity BuildIt Cheats and tips will make you an advanced gamer.

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