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SimCity BuildIt – How to earn SimCash?

Simcity Buildit tips

The resounding success of SimCity BuildIt in the smartphone gaming world is pretty remarkable. It has millions of active gamers, and if you are also a gamer, then you must be knowing about the pretty hard gameplay.

There is no need to mention that it has two virtual currency, and SimCash is premium one, but new gamers might not know about it. In the progression from one level to another, SimCash plays an important role. Even getting the better upgrades of a residential building is all about SimCash.

So, it is easy to conclude that having a good amount of SimCash can help with the progression. Several easy methods and effective gameplay can let you earn a significant amount and make you avoid the purchase of virtual currencies.

Here are all the effective tips that will play an important role in reaching the max level and earning a good amount of SimCash.

  1. Going to Other cities

When you visit a new city, you can find a random gift icon appear in the city. You have to visit that place and tap on it. Well, there might be Simoleons, Simcash, or anything you may not need, but it is a worth trying method that can enhance the overall growth in this game. The random rewards are easy to obtain, and you can get that without any issue.

In case you keep on visiting a new city for more than two times a day or in a week, you get a higher amount of simcash. It is pretty much time consuming, but you can consider it one of the easiest methods to earn a higher amount of currencies with ease. Even, one the rarest currency in this game is key, and you are also able to collect that in this game. Such things can fulfill the need.

  1. Golden Chest System

The best part of this game is, you are able to collect chests for doing a particular task. There are several types of chest, but one of the best chests is Golden chest because it is going to offer you free keys, and you are also able to earn simcash with this method. Keys are not interchangeable, so you can use that lately in casinos, but simcash is better to earn for other tasks.

When you play the game on a daily basis, then you are able to collect pretty much good amount of golden chests, which will come in handy to fulfill the need with ease. It is a work of 30 seconds on a daily basis, and the chances of earning a better amount of simcash increases. That’s why you can consider it as a better option as compared to the other options. You can also consider using cheats for SimCity BuildIt

  1. Installing Factories

The last and pretty effective method is to install new factories and giving jobs to people. This thing will allow you to obtain a good amount of simcash, and it is a highly reliable choice to consider. Whenever you open a new factory and sell raw material, you are earning a good amount of Simoleons, but for certain deals, you are getting extra tweaks.

The extra rewards can be anything ranging from Simoleons to keys. The pretty obvious thing is, you are able to earn Simcash by using such effective methods, that’s why you can rely on it without having a single issue. Keep it in mind that you stay selective while trading. All these methods will let you earn a simcash.

Bottom Line

No doubt, Simcash and Keys are very rare to earn currencies. Purchasing is one of the effective options, but if you don’t want to spend a single buck, then you have to play wisely and spend all your currencies wisely.


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