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SimCity BuildIt Tips from The Experts – Let’s Learn the Smart Ways to Progress

SimCity Buildit

Over the past couple of years, EA had a huge reputation in Sims simulation games, which are available for Consoles, and smartphone. Simcity BuildIt might not be the first installment, but it has some of the advanced features which make this game the advanced one. You can easily download this game for free.

The pretty obvious thing about EA is, they offer plenty of methods to earn primary currency, but when it comes to premium currency, they always try making everything harder. So, the same thing is here. However, if you want to get above the virtual currency stuff and play this game like an expert, then you can follow the below-mentioned tips.

Don’t Skip Chests

Developers are offering various types of chests in this game, and if you want to earn pretty significant rewards, then never skip any chest. You get a golden chest when you open the game for the first time. Other chests are also easy to earn, and you can complete the objectives to earn a better amount of the same. There are several methods to earn chests, and when you earn a good number of chests, you are able to enhance the overall progression. If you don’t like to wait, simply read more about our cheats.

Explore New Cities

Exploring is a basic thing, but most of the gamer doesn’t get out of their own city. So, whenever you get the opportunity to visit another city, make sure that you consider getting it because you are able to earn a good amount of simcash. There is no doubt that EA is not giving away their premium currency very easily, but there are plenty of methods that can come in handy for most of the gamers.

Global Trading Center

One of the very effective methods for simcash is the Global trading center. You have to reach level 13 to unlock the trading center. After unlocking the trading center, you can sell whatever you have. All the items are sold for keys and simcash. Due to this reason, you can enhance the overall progression in this game for sure. There are several ways to increase the earned amount of Simcash, and global trading center is surely the best one in it.

Building Residential Area

As your city starts getting better, the number of sims will increase day by day. This will increase the Simoleons product, and you can use that to create new residences. Make sure that you get new land instead of going toward the industrial area. It will decrease the happy scale because some of the residential will start exposing to more pollution. So, try keeping the number of sims limited to make it a better place.

Keep Tax Genuine

Make sure that you do not increase the tax by a big amount until you have a beach, a hot air balloon, and amazing casinos in the city. When you achieve all these things, try to keep your tax amount below 9%. It will give you a lower amount of tax, but you can use the same to get a better number of advantages. When you have a higher level of casinos, then you have to increase the security to decrease the crime rate in town.

Consider Slow Progress

The final tip from an expert is to play slow because when you play at pace, you spend like you don’t care for money. In such cases, most of the gamers end up spending a big amount of virtual currencies. Spending your currencies wisely plays an important role, and you should consider it to avoid getting into any issue. Try to increase the number of assets over your expenses to grow at a faster rate.



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