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The Sims Freeplay – Learn The Basics With A Small Walkthrough

The Sims Freeplay Guide

Among the top developments of EA studio, The Sims series is very popular and widely played by teenagers. The game is based around a simulation of people, they call it sims, and you have to keep them happy. The Sims Freeplay is a truly realist simulation game based around Sims where you have to do the task, and you are viewing everything from their perspective.

This game is available for free, and you can get it for iOS and Android. After plenty of updates in the past couple of years, the method to reach apex is changed, and being the best gamer is all about having a proper overview of what is going on and what target to achieve. Due to this, we are here with a basic overview of The Sims Freeplay, Few bonus tips, and some alongside cheats to enhance your overall gaming experience.

It is not about how to earn both virtual currencies, Money, and LP. But, we are letting you know about the gameplay and deciding your goals.

Maintaining Room

This game starts from the room where you can find plenty of mess. When you go nearby any of them and tap, you see the option to fix. It will require some of the efforts and your time, but in exchange, you are going to obtain money, primary virtual currency. If you keep maintaining the room and doing such stuff, the amount earned via this method will enhance and get you some extra currencies with ease. So, here our bonus tip is to keep yourself engaged with such basic stuff so that you can gain an adequate amount of money to progress.

Drive and Earn

When you go outside of the room, you have a whole world, lots of obstacles, and tasks to complete. Each task gives you a reward, and the reward can be anything ranging from virtual currency to stuff you need. So, driving is a pretty basic thing, and you can do it. When you drive, you find coin icons on the road, keep on getting them to raise some funds for yourself. This method works, and you can use it on a daily basis to earn a pretty genuine amount of coins with ease. The bonus part is, you will earn money that can be used to unlock the community center after passing level 3.

Experience Point

As we talked about a community center in the previous tip, so the question is, why does it matter a lot? In simple words, the community center lets you enhance your social skills, make friends, and it provides you a small amount of experience. The higher the experience you gain, the better your personality becomes. You are able to unlock more stuff, and the money earned via such a method will be higher so you can easily rely on it. The bonus thing is, do you know that cleaning mess, making friends, and driving a car also help to earn XP? Well, have a look, and you can find a change in figures.

Learn to Spend

The last thing you do in this game is, spend your virtual currency, but it is not an easy thing. You can find so many places to spend your money and LP, but the better thing is to priorities your expenses. When you learn to spend wisely, you are able to make upgrades with ease and become a better gamer. Start exploring this game and then find all the ways to earn more money and LP, so that you don’t have to worry about a single thing when you are spending your virtual currencies. Hope this guide will come in handy to eradicate all the issues.






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