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The Sims FreePlay – Top Hints and Strategies for Faster Progression

The Sims Freeplay Tricks

Progressing through various levels of The Sims Freeplay and keep on earning a significant amount of Money and LP let you have a vision of being an expert gamer. But, you still don’t know that what’s the next obstacle to tear down. Due to this, we are here to give you some slight hints throughout the game because EA is pretty strict with their premium currencies, and you might face issues due to lack of LP and Money.

It might be hard to suggest that which strategy will work for you because it depends upon your playing style. But, we have plenty of tips, hints, and strategy guide that can lead you toward better progression. These tips will enhance your overall progression. It is not about earning currencies; we are mentioning the tasks which will help with a significant amount of progression. Let’s get started and consider some of the basic things.

It is all about treating your baby with extreme care and having a look at their growth and teaching them all the stuff. Let’s have a look –

Being Parents

In case you want to have babies in this game, then there are several methods, but you have to do couple of things in right manner. You have to begin with having a cot at home, and both the sims you have must be married. If these two things are complete, you are able to have babies now. You get the option, and then the female sim gives birth to a baby.

Now, you have the responsibility because you have to teach them how to crawl, and you need to focus on several factors. It will take some extra time to teach some new habits, but you are going to earn a good amount of virtual currencies. You are obtaining a pretty good amount of Money, LP, and XP at the same time, that’s why you must consider giving birth to sims. Another way is to simply try the hacks for the sims freeplay.

Toddler Stage of Kid

As the baby starts growing, and when he/she reach the toddler stage, you can start finding differences. The growth increases by several times, and the run-up things require you to take care of the baby. Keep it in mind that you consider that what is good for the baby, and you are able to put restrictions because they are so notorious.

The preteen stage also occurs for toddlers, and this time, you have to give them money. They are involved in spending your money and not earning money in a single manner. Due to this reason, you might find trouble with wasting currencies, but you can cover them by achieving goals and earning the a same number of LPs and Money. So, you don’t have to worry about it.

Teens and Adult

Your baby starts growing toward some earning habits when they become teens. You can find that they have colleges, they are doing work at the same time and so many things. You can spend a couple of LPs and Money on their betterment. That’s why this game becomes so interesting at such levels, and you are able to progress at a great pace. Keep it in mind that you learn how to put restrictions.

After competing for such a period of their life, you are able to progress with ease. Even becoming a better gamer is also very easier. Hope, these tips will help you reach on the max level and becoming a better gamer for sure. When it is about their senior stage, you have to focus on their care and this thing will let you grab better amount of money and LP. Even, it is all about XP, you can consider the progression.


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