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Top 3 ways to Earn Simoleons In Simcity BuildIt

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Electronic Arts, a popular game developer well known for the resounding success of simulation games based on Sims (similar to people). SimCity BuildIt is a popular development that gained huge success on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store with millions of downloads. The reason behind resounding success is realistic simulation, intense graphics, interactive gameplay, and continuous updates to enhance the game.

It is a free to play the game, but it comes with virtual currencies that can be earned as well as purchases. So, you have the in-game purchase section that can help you get whatever you want. If you are feeling hard to progress through the game due to lack of currencies, then you can consider the purchase or follow the below-mentioned tips to earn a higher amount. Needless to mention, Simoleons is primary, and SimCash is the premium currency of the same.

The easy methods to obtain Simoleons and SimCash are many, but the easy options to fulfill the need are as follow –

Charging Tax

No doubt that tax is earning you the highest amount of virtual currencies, and if you want to keep on getting higher amount effectively, you have to keep sims happy. By doing plenty of things like providing transportation systems, schools, garden, and homes to live will be the primary thing you can do. Even providing employment will let you earn a higher amount of tax.

You can easily earn a better amount of tax by using various methods. When you head over to the tax section and increase the amount by a little, the happy scale meter will slightly change. Don’t worry about it because if you are providing all the amenities, then you can easily charge more than 10% with ease. Keep on increasing tax by a slight change which will keep sims happier also.

Selling Energy

You have an electricity plant in the game, and it can produce a higher amount of supplies. You can increase the scale to double its energy production, and it will let you give employment to more sims. So, the overall tax intake will increase by providing jobs. But, the best thing is, you have double the production of electricity then the consumption rate.

In such cases, you can supply electricity to other cities and charge for the same. This will let you earn a good amount of Simoleons with ease. The sold energy is good; however, the pollution level starts to increase in town; that’s why try creating the plant at a far distance from the residential area. This will be a fine move to get a better amount of Simoleons, also you can consider using our cheats.

Production of Goods

As you are the mayor of the town, so you are able to decide what item to produce. You can increase the production of raw goods like wooden chairs, iron, and several other things. Increasing the production level will allow you to sell the same amount in the market or to other SimCity BuildIt users. This can help to earn a better amount of Simoleons with ease.

The only problem in this method is, you have to create very large-scale plants, and upgrading to such a high level will require you to spend your currency wisely. Due to this reason, you should start creating a strategy. It is going to take a little time, but you can rely on such methods without any kind of issue.

Bottom Line

These are some of the easy methods to earn a higher amount of Simoleons. In order to progress at a faster rate and never getting into any kind of issue, you should learn about the right method to spend your currencies wisely, which will help to be an effective gamer without getting into any kind of issue.


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