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Top 5 Effective Tips to Progress in The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile Tricks

Simulation games from EA are a lot more focused on virtual currencies, and the same goes for this game. The Sims Mobile is highly reputed and one of the oldest EA’s development. If you are playing it, then you may know that there are two gaming currencies, Simoleons and simcash. Both play an important role. Apart from the VC, you have several entertaining things to do in this game, which can make you love the gameplay.

The Sims Mobile comes with plenty of amazing features, tasks, and fun things to do. Completing all those things help to earn rewards, which can be anything ranging from Simoleons to stuff. Due to this reason, you can complete tasks to become a better gamer.  If you are facing a hard time progressing into this game, then there are several methods that can fulfill the need and make you a better gamer. Let’s get started by considering the top 5 most effective tips –

Daily Tasks

By completing tasks on a daily basis, you are able to earn a significant amount of Simoleons. You have overall eight tasks on a daily basis to complete. Each one will provide bunch VC, but at the end of the whole game, you get a good amount of gaming currency. That’s why you can consider it without a single issue. Even completing the daily task will offer you 120 XP, and it helps to complete levels at a faster rate, that’s why you can consider it without having a single issue.

Spend Simcash Wisely

Simcash is a premium currency, and you can spend it on several places, and you are also able to convert it into Simoleons. Unfortunately, we don’t have that high amount that we can think about waste. So, you should spend it on the purchase of Sims Slots. The better the number of sims you have, the better you can progress. You are able to put a greater number of people on a specific task, which will enhance your progression.

Playing A Lot

If you play this game and spend a couple of hours a day, then you might be having pretty good growth. You can assign a task to sims and then turn off the game, but the progression is absolutely very slow here. In case you assign tasks and keep on playing the game, then chances of earning a higher amount of currencies will increase. You are able to direct, and you can increase the growth in several manners. Isn’t it impressive?

Working Sim

As you create a family of sims, then you have to be selective about the fact that a working sim is important because he/she will feed by earning for the rest of the sims. So, you should start going after putting a couple of sims on working. They start getting better with a little time, and the earning enhances by several times. Isn’t it one of the effective and reliable options that you can consider without having a single issue.

Watching Advertisement

In case you end up getting out of cash like Simoleon and Simcash, then you can consider grabbing a little by watching an advertisement. It is an extra bonus, and you can enhance the overall progression, that’s why it is a better option to consider the selection of purchases. Such methods, along with the above-given tips, can come in handy for a better progression.

Bottom Line

As the gameplay is totally realistic, so, if you want to be the best gamer, then you have to think logically and consider the sims like living creatures. Give them tasks and complete them to keep on earning a better amount with ease. Also we recommend you to check our The Sims Mobile cheats, it’s the easiest way to progress in the game.


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